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Hello, I’m Michael Pontin, Lifecoach

I’m a life coach based in Brighton and central London.

If you are interested in improving aspects of your life, alleviating worries, finding solutions, achieving success and moving on, I can help you.

We will agree a structured approach and I will support you through every step of the way, keeping you on the right track towards your goal.

So stop thinking about your problems.  Let me help you do something about them.

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Conflicts between career and family life
Lack or loss of confidence
Turning adversity into opportunity
Social anxiety
Diet and nutrition


Loss of confidence
Children who have flown the nest
Lack of purpose
Career stagnation
Conflicts between career and family life
Turning adversity into opportunity
Social anxiety
Diet and nutrition

Client Testimonials

My husband is a busy, successful man and I have been a full-time mum devoting myself to bringing up my children.  Really, they have been my life and now that they've both left home and gone off to work and university I'm feeling a little abandoned and sort of aimless.

I contacted Michael in the hope that he could help me get a little direction in my life so that I am not so dependent on my children for fulfilment.  It has been really good for me to talk this through with someone who is detached from the situation and together we have come up with some strategies and ideas to help me create a different life for myself and I am feeling much happier as I now have a plan and am moving forward.

Jacqueline46 years

I contacted Michael as I having a family problem.

I was constantly getting irritated by my children.  In particular my son's selfish and angry personality.  It was distracting from my work and enjoyment of life.

To be honest I was not sure what Michael could do as these type of parent/child issues were "as old as the hills".  But it seemed worth a go.

Straight off Michael explained that the problem could not be magically cured.  But he suggested some strategies to minimise it.  Most importantly he showed me how to avoid the issues impinging on my day-to-day life.  So the issue was contained.  This "breathing space" allowed me to come up with some ideas of my own to address the issue longer term.

I was able to discuss these with Michael and select those strategies that we both thought were the most promising.  So overall a worthwhile experience.

Paul52 years